Buying a house involves making of many choices and decisions. The process involves things right from setting a budget, choosing the house and getting pre – approval for mortgage. You can save lot of time and make the process smoother by getting pre-approved for a mortgage. Pre-approval provides you the information about the maximum amount you can afford, the monthly mortgage payment associated with your maximum purchase price and what your mortgage rate will be.


The best thing about getting the mortgage pre – approved is it’s free and helps in locking the rate of interest. The win-win situation is if the interest lowers it will profit you and if it increases the rate cannot be increased by the lender as it is pre – approved.


To get a mortgage pre-approval all you need to do is to talk to us and fill a simple pre-approval application (available online as well). We will go through all your down payment options, the process of buying home and what can you expect, which makes home buying lot less stress full especially if you are First-Time Home Buyers.  Now, more than ever, financial institutions are regularly launching new products and programs, making it easier to get into that new home sooner.


Home Buying Programs like:


✔  5% Down Payment Program

✔  Borrowed Down Payment Program

✔  Purchase Plus Improvements

✔  Self-employment programs – Stated Income with 10% Down Payment

✔  New To Canada

✔  Rental Purchase Programs

✔  Vacation Property Programs

✔  Progress Advance (Construction Mortgage)



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