Commercial Mortgage

We work with our commercial customers to meet a wide range of mortgage and leasing needs. Commercial mortgages are subject to different laws and regulations than residential mortgages. Also the rates and products available are also affected by completely different market forces. Even though we have enjoyed many years of borrower-friendly rates on the residential front, commercial mortgage rates have rarely kept pace and it’s common to experience times where commercial mortgage rates are higher than residential.

We provide the following types of Commercial Financing:

➤CMHC Insured Term

✦ Fixed or floating rate 
✦ Progress advances 
✦ 1-year to 25-year terms

➤Construction Financing

✦ Condominium 
✦ Office 
✦ Industrial 
✦ Multi-Family

➤Conventional Term

✦ Office, industrial, retail and multifamily properties 
✦ Forward rate fix 
✦ Equity take-out 
✦ 1-year to 25-year terms 

➤Conventional “Plus” Term

✦ Higher loan to value ratios 
✦ Secondary markets

➤High Yield

✦ Second mortgages 
✦ Financing for repositioning of assets 
✦ Land loans

Typical Financing Requests are:

✔Commercial Financing
✔Industrial Financing
✔Land Financing
✔Equity Take-out financing

If you are looking to obtain commercial financing, feel free to contact us to discuss the various options.